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concepts/money               Nanvaent Player Help

Money can't buy you happiness. But it can buy you decent weapons, lives,
and other such worldly goods.

In Nanvaent, you will find banks in most major towns. You just have to find
them :)

Why use a bank? Two main reasons, death and thieves. If you die, your foe
will probably loot your corpse; a double kick in the teeth. At least with
cash you can buy new weapons and armour from the shop.

Thieves are another problem. One minute, you'll be getting a torch from the
west gate, the next you'll be sprawled out on the ground while the thief
takes all of your money, your weapons or whatever else they choose.

Any disadvantages to banking? Well, unlike banks in the real world you
don't get any interest. Not that the banks in the real world give you much
either. What does hurt is the 10% cut the bank makes to each deposit you
make. So if you deposit 10 platinum coins, 9 goes into your account, and 1
goes to keeping the Gods of Nanvaent for safekeeping. Before you think this
is unfair, which is worse? Losing 10% of your cash or all of it?

As a last resort, you could try hiding your money under the various beds
in the game. Don't expect it be there when you get back...

How do you earn money I hear you ask? Root, loot, kill, and sell things in
shops. Complete quests, barter, offer services to other players.

Money exchange rates
The base rate in Nanvaent is the platinum coin:

          1 platinum coin   = 1 platinum coin
          1 gold coin       = 0.5 platinum coins
          1 silver coin     = 0.1 platinum coins
          1 copper coin     = 0.01 platinum coins
          1 brass coin      = 0.001 platinum coins

Some establishments still deal in brass coins:

          1 platinum coin   = 1000 brass coins
          1 gold coin       = 500 brass coins
          1 silver coin     = 100 brass coins
          1 copper coin     = 10 brass coins

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