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* Nanvaent help directory: Concepts: Movement

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concepts/movement            Nanvaent Player Help

Probably the most important things in Nanvaent is the ability to move from
one location to another location. Nanvaent is made up of many thousands of
locations, ranging from the Nanvaent Village to deserts, mountains, cities
and a whole host of other places to go.

When you "look" you get information about the current location plus a list
of exits similar to this example:

     There are four obvious exits : north, northeast, northwest and south

The first thing you should notice is that they are all compass directions.
This is not true of some locations:

     There are three obvious exits: down, out and up

Now that you can see which exits exist, how do you move through them? Just
type in the exit name and you will attempt to go through it:

     You are wandering in a colourless, desolate prairie.
     There are eight obvious exits: east, north, northeast, northwest,
     south, southeast and west
     > north
     You stand in a seemingly endless prairie.
     There are seven obvious exits: ...

Sometimes exits can be hidden and will only be shown by doing a "search" or
by having the correct items in your inventory:

     There is one obvious exit: north
     > search
     You peer around and notice a hidden exit leading south!

Items that show extra exits usually only work in special locations that
they were designed for.

Searching will probably give you "You look carefully around, but you find
nothing." messages most of the time.

Occasionally the exit names are a little unusual:

     There are six obvious exits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

     There are three obvious exits: thataway, overhere and somewhere

This is perfectly normal. Just type in the exit as it is shown and you will
move through it.

Some exits contain barriers (mostly doors) that you have to open or unlock
before passing through.

     You are in a room.
     There is one obvious exit: north
     > north
     The wooden door is closed.
     > open door
     You open the wooden door.
     > north
     You are in another room.
     There are two obvious exits: west and south

     climb, close, escape, jump, lock, search, open, unlock
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