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* Nanvaent help directory: Concepts: Newbie

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concepts/newbie              Nanvaent Player Help

We believe Nanvaent cannot be compared with any computer game, and few
MUDs - its blend of combat and socialising is unique, its structures are
carefully balanced and its depth unparalleled. It is a world which has been
crafted over a decade of constant development, a product of the skill,
imagination and love of scores of dedicated creators. It may appear
overwhelming at first, and you may need an hour or two to become used to
its ways. This will be your first step on the long path of adventure and
exploration. Designed to be lasting and pleasant to many, its appeal
unfading even after years of play, Nanvaent is not a short term game.

We ask you to bear in mind the meaning of the Newbie status. Whereas many
newbies are old players starting their new characters, you must remember
that many are genuinely new to Nanvaent. They may be new to the concepts
of MUD, and will know little of our ways and possibilities. It is every
players duty to treat these people with care - they are the future of
Nanvaent. You would do well to help them, either with advice, guiding and
protection, or a simple word of encouragement. Try not to overwhelm them,
do not abuse them (too much), and do not try to scare them away. 

Newbies are under special protection from attacks, and those who look for
ways to circumvent it will be stomped on from great heights. Nurture the
young players - they will become great, your new friends and opponents,
and will realise soon enough that there is no completely safe path in

Each player in Nanvaent has freedom of choice in their actions. Together,
the players shape and give atmosphere to the world. You may select a Guild
best suited to your style, fearlessly stride across the land with the
barbarians or scheme and flit among the shadows with the elusive thieves.
You may build your reputation as you see fit, courting fame or preferring
silence and twilight, living as a loved, respected, or feared member of the

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