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concepts/quests              Nanvaent Player Help

Quests come in many shapes and forms. Being a bold adventurer, you will
wish to add fame and fortune to your name. To do this, you can go on tough
quests for kings and knights. Or you may simply become famous for your
deeds in helping the poor and miserable. Quests are everywhere, lurking in
every nook and cranny. You just have to find them.

Fame comes with quests. There is a title on the end of your name that
reflects the last quest you completed. Each quest is rated with a certain
number of quest points that will show up on the hiscore table.

Fortune comes with quests. Many a quest will have a monetary reward. You
may be endowed with powerful magical items to use in your quest. You may be
allowed to keep them after the quest is complete. You may receive cash for
returning an outlaw or fugitive to justice.

Quests will also allow you to improve yourself. Your stats are basically
static and cannot be improved without magical help. As a reward for
completing certain quests, you will be endowed with bonuses to your skills.
You may also gain access to special commands that your average player
doesn't have, further proving that you are the chosen.

Quests are fun and vital to your advancement. In some guilds you have to
prove that you are worthy of further advancement, and that experience is
not enough. No player can advance beyond level 10 without doing at least
one quest. Addicts cannot advance without doing the majority of quests.

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