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* Nanvaent help directory: Concepts: Soul_abbreviations

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concepts/soul_abbreviations  Nanvaent Player Help

Souls in Nanvaent can help convey various emotions to other players such as
the fact you "agree" with them, or "grin" or shake your head to say "no".

Most souls take the following formats:
        > agree
        You agree.

    <soul> <person>
        > agree paul
        You agree with Paul.

    <soul> <person> <text>
        > agree paul since it works
        You agree with Paul since it works.

In place of <text> there are several built-in abbreviations that you can
use. For example:
        > agree hap
        You agree happily.

        > agree paul hap
        You agree with Paul happily.

Below is a list of some common abbreviations. This is not a complete list,
as it changes often.

Be warned! Sometimes you will accidentally use one of these abbreviations
without meaning to! My favourites:
        > hug paul lo
        You hug Paul longingly.
        (expected: You hug Paul lo.)

        > nod s
        You nod sexily.
        (expected: You nod sadly.)

Also use a "?" for a totally random abbreviation. Use with caution, as
Brother Bayard found to his peril!
        > grin usurper ?
        * censored to protect the innocent *

A rough list:
ab     absentmindedly    ac     accusingly       ad     admiringly
af     affectionately    ang    angrily          ann    annoyingly
ap     appreciatively    ar     arrogantly       aw     awkwardly
ba     badly             be     beautifully       bi     bitterly
bo     boredly           br     brightly         ca     carefully
cheek  cheekily          cheer  cheerfully       cl     clumsily
cond   condescendingly   conte  contentedly      conti  continuously
cou    courteously       cr     crookedly        cur    curiously
cut    cutely            dan    dangerously      dar    darkly
daz    dazedly           dee    deeply           del    delicately
dem    demonically       des    desperately      dev    devastatingly
dex    dextrously        dif    differently      dis    disappointedly
do     doggily           dra    dramatically     dre    dreamily
dru    drunkenly         ea     eagerly          ec     ecstatically
enth   enthusiastically  enti   enticingly       ev     evilly
exc    excitedly         exp    expectantly      fai    faintly
fan    fanatically       fearf  fearfully        fearl  fearlessly
fir    firmly            fis    fishily          fl     fleetingly
fo     fondly            fr     frogily          ga     garishly
ge     gently            gl     gleefully        grac   gracefully
grat   gratuitously      gru    grumpily         hap    happily
hal    halfheartedly     heat   heatedly         heav   heavily
hu     hungrily          idi    idiotically      idl    idly
ir     ironically        impi   impishly         impr   impressively
inn    innocently        insa   insanely         insi   insistently
inso   insolently        insu   insultingly      intens intensley
intent intently          j      joyfully         k      knowingly
la     lazily            li     lividly          lon    longingly
lop    lopsidedly        lou    loudly           lov    lovingly
mad    madly             mag    magically        mani   manically
men    menacingly        mer    merrily          min    mindlessly
mis    mischievously     mo     mooishly         mu     musically
na     nastily           ne     nervously        ni     nicely
no     noisily           obn    obnoxiously      obv    obviously
od     oddly             pai    painfully        pas    passionately
path   pathetically      pati   patiently        pla    playfully
ple    pleasantly        po     politely         profe  professionally
profu  profusely         quic   quickly          quie   quietly
quiz   quizzically       ra     radiantly        ref    refreshingly
rel    reluctantly       res    respectfully     ro     romantically
rud    rudely            rut    ruthlessly       sadi   sadistically
sadl   sadly             sag    sagely           sar    sarcastically
sed    seductively       sen    sensually        sexi   sexily
sil    silently          ste    sternly          shy    shyly
sha    shamlessly        sin    sincerly         sle    sleepily
sli    slightly          slo    slowly           sof    softly
sol    solemly           spe    spectacularly    spo    spontaneously
sne    sneakily          ste    sternly          stra   stragely
stro   strongly          sto    stonily          stu    stupidly
sug    suggestively      sul    sulkily          sus    suspiciously
sw     sweetly           tend   tenderly         tent   tentatively
thor   thoroughly        thou   thoughtfully     tir    tiredly
tig    tightly           tra    tragically       tri    trivially
una    unashamedly       unb    unbelievably     unce   uncertainly
uncons unconsciously     uncont uncontrollably   unconv unconvincingly
une    unexpectedly      unh    unhappily        unn    unnecessarily
uns    unsteadily        va     vaguely          vic    viciously
vig    vigourously       viv    vivaciously      vio    violently
wa     warmly            weak   weakly           wear   wearily
wh     wholeheartedly    wic    wickedly         wil    wildly
wol    wolfishly         won    wonderfully      wor    worriedly
wr     wryly             xe     xenophobically   xylog  xylographically
xylop  xylophonely       ya     yawningly        yea    yearningly
yel    yellowly          yog    yoghurtly        you    youthfully
ze     zealously         zo     zoroastrically   zyg    zygodactylically
zymol  zymologically     zymot  zymotically

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