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* Nanvaent help directory: Concepts: Souls

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concepts/souls               Nanvaent Player Help

     Souls help you show your emotions to other players. Instead of just
     using "say" and "tell" to communicate, souls add flair and
     individualism to your conversations. Honest.

     Some souls are restricted. This means that they are considered between
     friends only. To see what I mean, type "boobs" or "bird". See
     "consent" and "deny" for more details.

     You can turn off your ability to receive souls using "earmuff soul".
     To turn them back on enter "earmuff soul" again.

     Use "rsoul" to send a random soul. Be warned though, sometimes scary
     things will happen as you accidently "pet" your friend or worse...

     To send a soul to everyone enter "<soul> everyone". So "wave everyone"
     will wave to everybody who hasn't used "earmuff souleveryone".

     For a full list of souls, use "soul list". Here are a few common ones.

          agree, disagree, greet, grin, laugh, no, nod, wave and yes.

     > grin ksl
     You grin at Ksl.

     > no glade
     You shake your head at Glade.

     > agree burty
     You agree with Burty.

     communicating, consent, deny, earmuffs, rsoul, soul,
     soul abbreviations
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