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concepts/wolf_racing         Nanvaent Player Help

Wolf racing is staged in the city of Alexandria. It is a well-organised
business run at an exclusive club, catering to only the most respected
people in the lands of Nanvaent. However you may be able to find other
more dubious places to get involved.

Owning a wolf
If you are a member of the Alexandria Wolf Racing Track Club you may buy
your own wolf to enter into races. You will have to train your wolf to keep
its fitness up, otherwise its ability will drop with time. Training your
wolf uses experience points.

If you are lucky enough to be placed in the first four places in a race you
will win a cash prize. This can be collected from the Trade room in the

Buying and selling wolves regularly is not a good idea as you will lose
out. You can only sell a wolf in excellent fitness. You may buy a wolf that
is for sale, or make up a new name. You can look at lots of information on
each wolf in either the Bookies or the Trade room of the Club.

During each week wolves may be entered into the races for the *following*
weeks race day. These can be viewed with the command "look entrants".

Other commands are available and are listed on signs in the relevant rooms.

Wolf races are held every Thursday night, in a series of six. You may bet
on the races only for the race day coming up. To find out who is racing and
information on each runner you can list the runners in each race with the
command "look race <number>".

The odds shown are the amount you win for a 1 platinum coin bet. You will
be given a betting slip with details of your bet. You can hand this in at a
bookies and receive your winnings, if you have any.

Results of races can be heard in the various betting shops, and also all
around the wolf racing club in Alexandria or on the radio, if you happen to
have one.


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