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fundraiser                   Nanvaent Information


NANVAENT runs on computer hardware, and from time to time it gets 
tired and wants to go into retirement, meaning we have to buy more 
modern equipment. 

What's that rattling noise?

This is your opportunity to help with this by donating some money to
the NANVAENT Hardware Fund. NANVAENT currently runs on a machine bought
during the last fundraiser in 1998. It continues to serve us well but 
is, frankly, old. The cobwebs are harder to remove and there's a 
rattling noise when you shake it. Sometimes the poor thing screams 
like a cat to get our attention. 

New gear

We already have a replacement lined up, an Athlon XP 2800 based machine 
with lots of memory and pair of mirrored hard drives. This new machine 
should go into service and host the game around April/June of 2004. 
This machine has obviously put somebody out of pocket already! 

Go on, you know you want to!

Point your web browser at to make a
donation. You can use PayPal, or send us a cheque.

All donations are appreciated, however large or small.
NANVAENT Management.
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