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guild_info/barbarian         Nanvaent Player Help

The Barbarian Guild is an alternative to the mainstream Fighters' Guild.

You may join between levels 30 and 50 (in fighting), if you're either a
human, troll, giant, orc, minotaur, reptiliad or ogre. No other races are allowed; Barbarians
are a bit of prejudiced lot, you see.

Barbarians specialise in combat using bare hands or some of the largest,
heaviest and most deadly weapons in the game, or both!!! Barbarians cannot
double-wield unlike mainstream fighters and also cannot wear metal armour.
You will be able to kill things very quickly but you take lots more damage
and lose guild points very quickly. Hence the major feature is the
berserking rage which members throw at random.

Stats you need are: very high strength, reasonable constitution, and either
reasonable dexterity with reasonable intelligence (to use sharp weapons) or
high dexterity at the expense of intelligence (to use blunt weapons).
Wisdom is not very important. Having said that, low wisdom may make you
vulnerable to clerics using holding prayers and low intelligence may make
you vulnerable to wizards using holding spells. Remember that the more
intelligent you are the less likely you are to throw a berserking rage in
the middle of a room stuffed full of opponents. Figures, doesn't it? :)

The guild commands available allow you to mercy out an opponent, protect
companions, judge the usefulness of weapons and armour and even to repair
equipment. Specific to barbarians is the ability to rip out a victim's
heart and drink the blood, adorn your body with warpaint, mutilate items
beyond recognition, throw a berserkers' rage at random to inflict (but also
receive) massive damage, boot, thump, headbutt, use a sword to hack, issue
a warcry to terrify opponents, use an axe to cleave, pound, rush at an
opponent, start a brawl and even hurl opponents which is particularly
effective against multiple target situations. Barbarians have the ability
(and this is what's really important) to consume vast quantities of alcohol
and sober up more quickly than any other guild. Every tenth berserking rage
they'll go into a frenzy - this ultimate barbarian anger has to be seen to
be truly appreciated. For the mightiest of barbarian warlords there is a
special ability to 'show off', which forces those players in your location
of the opposite sex to show their respect for your muscle(s). And rightly

There are 5 barbarian camps for the guild, scattered across the world. The
main one is the Erhine Encampment (northwest of Alexandria), but you'll
find the others in southwest Draemar Wood, Dragonblood Isle, the Orient and
in the forests south of Shamaroth. Camps are where barbarians advance most
of their skills, read notices or post their own, buy new weapons and
armour, or just hang out. At the larger camps there's more to do, such as
play-fighting and arm wrestling.
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