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guild_info/elemental         Nanvaent Information      Explode and Recover

There comes a point in every wizard's life when they discover that there
is more to life than reading books and playing with scrolls. You soon
find that inner spark and without warning you are enveloped in a raging
torrent of flames.

Nothing compares to the power of the elements. While wizards stand there
throwing weak fireballs around, we become fire and channel it towards our
enemies, charring them instantly! We bend the clouds to our will and shoot
bolts of lightning at anything that moves. The earth trembles beneath
our feet, and the seas part before us.

This is not without risk, since losing control means you lose more than your

Without any effort we elementalists soak up cash from the many corpses of
the weak. Don't get too excited though, since we spend most of it on
replacement bodies!

Some call us mad? Pah! What do they know? Join now and become a master of
the universe!
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