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guild_info/fighter           Nanvaent Information

Fighters are one of the main guilds of Nanvaent. We are skilled in the art
of beating everything to a pulp and not much else. We can wear any type of
armour and wield any type of weapon, giving us a large variety of killing
tools to show our opponents at close range.

Fighters are one of the most popular guilds of Nanvaent due to the ease
of playing as a fighter. We do not have to memorise or meditate on spells
prayers like clerics or wizards. We do not need to call upon animals to
aid us as foresters. We can quite happily walk into a battle and destroy
everything in sight without any fancy commands etc...

Some features which are unique to use are the ability to wield two
one-handed weapons at once and the ability to resize any weapon or armour
to fit another player.

High strength is important since this determines how hard you will hit
your opponents. A high constitution will give you the ability to take much
more physical punishment before your foe falls dead. A high dexterity will
enable you to avoid an enemy's attack. High intelligence is required to use
sharp weapons effectively.

If you feel that fighters are not for you, there is a choice of 3 subguilds
which you may join, these being barbarians, wolves and knights.
Providing you satisfy their requirements you can leave the fighters but the
unique abilities you gained as a fighter such as doublewield and resize
will be lost when substituted for different skills.

Remain as a fighter and you will learn how to get an extra attack in every
few rounds in the form of swipe. You will discover how to concentrate on
one target when fighting a score of opponents. As you advance in skill you
will become adept at parrying attacks, and as you master your fighting
prowess you will be able to dodge your enemies' attacks as if they weren't

We are regarded as a medium between barbarians and knights.  We are pretty
much balanced in fighting but do not have the sheer power of barbarians or
the defensive ability of knights. Our strength is in the simplicity of
fighting and our ability to walk into a battle unprepared and unorganised
and to walk away standing.
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