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guild_info/forester          Nanvaent Information

As the name suggests, foresters are roaming woods-people, survivalists and,
to some extent priests of the Goddess of Nature and Balance, Gaia.

You will be able to summon animals to aid you in combat, and indeed it
isn't wise to attempt fight without one. At first you can call only
rabbits, but as you gain more experience you will learn how to call forth
owls, swarms of bats and eventually even tigers and giant spiders!

Highly skilled foresters can create their own weapons in a smithy. These
are semi-magical weapons that boost the ability of the maker while dealing
massive damage to a foe. The price for the materials are high, but the
result is weapons that even the toughest enemies will quickly learn to

Once you have bought a few simple materials, you can build cunning traps to
confuse and injure your opponents. Only you will be able to see these
traps, and others who blunder into them suffer the consequences. Hone your
trap building skills in making mousetraps and later you will be able to set
snares, dig pits and set up rope traps. Beware though, as you can easily
stumble into the traps of another forester by accident.

A unique ability of foresters is that we can collect wood and build warming
fires for others to rest by. The warmth of a fire will help both yourself
and others heal faster, as well as recover from tiredness quicker. If
you're in a really bad way you can sleep by a fire to recover even quicker.
Another ability you will gain as your skill grows is the ability to
identify healing herbs in outdoor areas. Most of the herbs you find will
simply heal wounds, but in certain special places you may find unique
plants that are able to cure certain diseases.

Before you go rushing into combat, remember two things. First, as a
follower of Gaia, you must focus on the balance of your actions. Try to
remain neutral, killing both good and evil things in the world, else you
may find that you fall from favour with Gaia. Reparations may be made by
praying at an altar. Gaia loves to hear prayers, so if you are injured or
just want to feel close to Her, pray. Powerful foresters are entrusted with
the tears of Gaia, expensive jewels that can be used to construct altars
outside the guild.

Although we are sometimes associated with thieves, don't think for a second
that we like to use their underhand antisocial trickery for our personal
gain in the same way that they do. In fact, foresters are generally
renowned for being the most charming and helpful people you can meet (and
of course modest too). We do share many of the thieves' less criminal
abilities, for example we can sneak quietly and unnoticed through the
woodlands and hide ourselves away from prying eyes.
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