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guild_info/knight            Nanvaent Information

The Zoranneon Knights' Guild is a loyal band of specialised fighters that
dwell in the depths of the Forest Kingdom of Zoranneon. One may become part
of this order once level 70 is reached in fighting. They strictly serve
only good, and in return for foregoing two-handed and double weapons are
trained in the use of both sword and shield in concert. Their slight skill
in magic and faith requires some natural aptitude for these disciplines.

Knights do not have the ability to doublewield (wield two weapons at the
same time), nor do they have the ability to use two-handed weapons;
however, Knights can do twice as much damage with a single weapon.

Knights can never be evil. Any Knight who has or develops an evil alignment
will be stripped of their skills until they re-prove their worth. Any
Knight who becomes a serial killer can never advance again as a Knight.

They do however gain a number of benefits which are unique to the guild.

* Charge into battle on your trusty war-horse!
* Knights specialise in the use of one-handed sharp or
  blunt weapons. This enables them to advance these skills
  higher, and achieve higher bonuses than normal fighters.
* Knights also get an improved Shield Bash, allowing them the opportunity
  to Stun their opponent for a short while.
* Knights receive a Strike command allowing them extra attacks. Strike can
  be seen as being similar to the fighters Swipe command.
* Knights also have a number of higher-level spells and commands which make
  the Knight unique. These can be learned about from within the guild.

Like many other subguilds, the Knights' Guild is not a simple or rapid
guild to master. Far from the ruthless savagery of the Barbarians, the
Knights prefer honour, valour and finely honed skills to mindless violence.
The solid defensive technique that they possess allows them to wear down
their opponent, whilst themselves taking the minimum of damage.
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