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guild_info/necromancer       Nanvaent Information       Exhume and Uncover

Magic has always been in the realms of Nanvaent, though it took a few
intelligent individuals to figure out how to manipulate this power. While
fighters learned how to stand upright and the clerics fumbled prayers to a
God who hardly listened, wizards grew in numbers and ability and began
to assume a position of superiority amongst the other races and guilds.

Thus they continued along their path, discovering how to hide behind
magical shields like cowards, and how to fire magic missiles while running
from barbarians. From time to time a few mad individuals experimented at
controlling the elements directly, though the fascination of watching
lightning strike their armour soon culled their numbers.

And thus this continued for generations until one glorious wizard
discovered that by giving up part of his life force he could control the
recently dead. So was born the art of Necromancy.

As our numbers grew we continued to live amongst the wizards, though they
began to sense our evil, no matter how well hidden. Just after the great
tower was constructed the wizards held a conclave meeting. They called us
devil worshippers, and even though we don't directly worship N'thydarak we
certainly have more than a passing respect for Him and His kind. We were
captured and placed in a magically protected room to await punishment for
crimes we had not yet had the opportunity to commit.

What the weak wizards hadn't figured out in their petty righteousness is
that we had mastered death in ways as yet unheard. We left our bodies
behind and walked amongst the dead, vowing that we would return to show all
our power, and to destroy that which the wizards hold most valuable.

Using our high intelligence and wisdom we created ourselves our own crypt
to call home. Undead minions flock to do our bidding. Though we may lack
strength, dexterity and constitution in the conventional ways, this is
more than made up by the hordes of zombies, skeletons, mummies and ghosts
we summon on command. With most of the powers of their previous owner, our
undead toys allowed us to begin our task.

We have reached sufficient numbers that we now walk amongst the others
again, and though time has passed we still burn with hatred for those who
cling to their weak bodies like there is no tomorrow. We know better...

Choose death. Choose Necromancy. Wizards of like mind may be accepted once
they prove their ability to use ice lances, though trying to join after
learning fireballs will prove impossible!
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