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Nthydarak/info              Nanvaent Player Help

    N'thydarak is the guild of Clerics who have turned from the righteous path
    of Aslonnadh and become acolytes of the blood god N'thydarak. The Curse and
    Reward of N'thydarak's disciples is the dagger of N'thydarak, which 
    increases in power as it extinguishes life. The evil lord N'thydarak 
    requires frequent sacrifices of pawns in the thrall of believers and rewards
    acolytes sacrificing worthy lives with increased power. Each power provides 
    new means to aid acolytes in their crusade to inflict suffering and death on 
    all around them.

    Level 20-30 Cleric, Alignment Utter Evil

    Not including race bonus: Str 14, Int 13, Dex 12, Con 10, Wis 16

    Banshee, calacorm, dark elf, giant, gnome, goblin, half-orc, hobgoblin, 
    human, kobold, liche, minotaur, morokai, ogre, orc, reptiliad, skaven, 
    slann, troll, wight

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