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guild_info/thief             Nanvaent Information

The thieves' guild is widely recognised as the centre of excellence for
organised crime. Under the "expert" tutorial of Vinny and his brothers you
will learn the ways of skulduggery, trickery and underhand dealing.
Thieves are not generally noted for their charisma, and you may find that
you have many new enemies.

Despite these disadvantages you will reap great rewards. Thieves are one of
the richest guilds in Nanvaent due to their uncanny ability of relieving
people of their belongings. If you are in for a life of danger and
excitement then this is the guild for you.

Being a thief means you are always in danger of being killed by the
paranoid. Of course, they have to find you first. Since your first aim
will be to become an expert at skulking in the shadows, this will give you
many opportunities to offer your dagger as a way of "burying the hatchet",
so to speak.

For some reason thieves are not regarded as trustworthy people. Even with
your higher than average strength you will not be able to compete with
other guilds in direct combat. Like that matters, since as they wander
around trying to find you, you'll be sneaking behind them with your trusty
hammer always willing to help them take their weight off their feet.

If it's illegal then this is the place to learn.
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