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guild_info/wizard            Nanvaent Player Help

High above the training fields and battlegrounds of Nanvaent, behind the
protection of magical gates and portals, the wizards' guild trains.
The wizards' guild is a life for those who see the stupidity of brute
force, and wish instead to live by their intellect and mastery of the very
forces of magic.

To be a wizard you need to be descended from a naturally high-born race,
such as an elf. A complete list can be found in the guild room above the
village of Nanvaent. A wizard also needs certain attributes such as
intelligence and dexterity to enhance their skill. Physical qualities like
strength and constitution are less important.

As a wizard, you will learn progressively greater control of the ethereal
forces of nature, and as you do new types of magic will be within your
grasp. As a novice, all you are capable of is minor destructive force, but
later you will learn high magic. Spells include:

* Defensive spells which later can block all but the mightiest blow.
* Spells of deception to hide from your opponents.
* Spells of control so that your enemies bend to your will.
* Offensive capability! Channel the forces of fire, ice and lightning to
  smite foes.

Wizards are people who prefer to utilise personal control and power to
secure victory. In this way we differ from the Elementalists who use powers
they can barely contain (i.e. they are mad), and the Necromancers, our
fallen brethren who channel their life force into the corpses of the
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