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The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.


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* Nanvaent help directory: Summary

Please email any further questions to You may also wish to have a look at the FAQ.

summary                      Nanvaent Player Help

     The following sections summarise of the help pages available to you
     when using "help" - use "help <topic>" or "help <ability>" to get
     more information - use "help help" to get more information on help.

     Use "help nanvaent" to read about Nanvaent itself and "help changes"
     to view the latest news that affects you. To leave the world of
     Nanvaent, use "quit".

     addict, application, cheating, combat, communicating, courtesy,
     creator, death, elections, god, harassment, highlord, immortals,
     insanity, joining guilds, level info, lord, marriage, money, movement,
     newbie, pictures, player stats, punishment, quests, races, reallife,
     rights, skill advancement, soul abbreviations, souls, syntax,
     trial creator, website, wolf racing

     guild, barbarian, bard, cleric, elemental, fighter, forester, knight,
     monk, necromancer, nthydarak, thief, wizard, wolfpack

     converse, emote, emoteto, mail, rsoul, say, shout, tell, whisper,

     escape, examine, glance, look, search

     break, clean, close, drink, drop, empty, equip, fill, get, give, hold,
     kill, light, lock, lower, open, pick, protect, put, remove, skin,
     throw, unlock, wear, wield

     bored, channels, chistory, commands, consider, contacts, cwho, faq,
     finger, followees, followers, fortune, guildmaster, guilds, help,
     hiscore, imudlocate, inventory, legends, level, levels, mudinfo,
     mudlist, news, saveitems, skills, soul, time, value, version, webster,
     who, word

     alias, alignment, bags, brief, chess, chfn, clear, coins, cols,
     consent, deny, describe, dnickname, ealias, earmuffs, email, follow,
     harass, hardcore, history, lose, lsays, ltells, mercy, monitor, name,
     newline, nickname, password, pray, rearrange, review, rows, score,
     screendetect, set, stop, term, termdetect, unalias, unfollow, verbose,
     whoami, wimpy

     colours, maxidle, quit, refresh, restart, save, screenlock, su,

     bug, guildlog, helplog, idea, questlog, soullog, typo

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