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* Race Statistics

Banshee poorabove averagebadgoodabove averagevery good
Calacorm very goodvery poorabove averagebadabove averagevp
Centaur above averagevery poorabove averagebadvery goodbad
Darkelf poorexcellentpoorabove averageabove averageex
Dwarf goodvery poorgoodbadabove averagegood
Ent goodbadvery goodterribleexcellentgood
Faery badexcellentpoorabove averagepoorabove average
Giant excellentterribleexcellentpoorpoorvp
Goblin badpoorabove averagevery goodbadgood
Gnome above averageabove averagevery poorpoorvery goodvery good
Halfelf poorabove averagepoorabove averagegoodgood
Halfling poorabove averageaveragevery goodpoorabove average
Halforc goodbadaverageabove averagepoorabove average
Hamakei badgoodbadabove averagebadvery good
Highelf very poorexcellentpoorabove averageaveragevery good
Hobgoblin goodvery poorabove averageaverageabove averageabove average
Human averageaverageaverageaverageaveragepoor
Kobold averagepoorabove averagevery goodpoorabove average
Liche goodvery goodbadabove averageterriblevery good
Minotaur goodvery poorabove averagebadgoodvery good
Morokai above averagegoodaverageaveragevery poorvery good
Nekojin goodpooraverageabove averagebadvery good
Ogre very goodpoorgoodpoorbadbad
Orc goodpoorgoodaveragepoorvery good
Pegasus above averageabove averageaveragepoorabove averageabove average
Sasquatch averagevery poorabove averagebadvery goodpoor
Satyr poorabove averagebadaverageabove averagepoor
Skaven averageabove averagepoorvery goodpoorvery good
Slann above averageabove averagepoorpoorvery goodpoor
Troll excellentpoorvery goodbadterriblegood
Wight above averageterriblepoorexcellentgoodvery good
Wolf badaverageabove averagevery goodbadvery good
Woodelf poorvery goodbadabove averageabove averagevery good
Wuzzie badabove averagepoorgoodaverageabove average
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