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* Nanvaent Help: A bit of history

There is a world just around the corner of your mind where reality is an intruder and dreams come may escape into it at will, you need no magic key or Aladdins lamp, just your own imagination and curiosity about the land that never was....Valdar....In the realm of Vaxmud.

The story so far
In the beginning was darkness, Gandalf saw this was a bad thing and said "Let there be MUD" and there was Mud, and he saw this was a good thing. He then said "Let there be players!" and lo, from the far corners of the campus players crawled forth from the primevial slime.

As they approached, Gandalf said "Let there be monsters !!" and Margaret Thatcher crawled forth. Gandalf thought this was a very bad move and tried in vain to destroy the evil being. For days and days they battled and in a desparate attempt to save mudkind, Gandalf unleashed a devastating magic, mutating the Thatcher in the slightly less evil Dardros who ran away and hid in the deepest, darkest depths of the Core.

Seeing that he had done a very good thing, Gandalf retired to a cosy little office deep in the bowels of the Royal College.

But one dark day a cloud passed across the face of the land in the shape of control and competition. An attacking army from the distant realm of MUDII made a pitiful attempt to usurp Vaxmud. Luckily the attempt failed and once more the Sun (not the newspaper) shone brightly on the land.

In the land, two great Wizards arose from the mists of Time, two wizards so powerful that by comparison all others are just mucking about in pointy hats. Their names:
  • Ford the Wizard who really knows where his Towel is!
  • Kurgan the Psychopathic Wizard Assassin!
Their word is the Law, their actions are Destiny, theirs is the first drink at the pub and they never pay...

Vaxmud Chapter Six(Just before opening time.)

In the year 3 A.V. (Anno Vaxmudii) there was a minor disaster...


The Mud shook, the seas rose, the skies fell, the pubs shut!!!! The end was nigh. But in this time of absolute destruction the Two stood tall, backs to the only remaining wall. Together they cast a great magic to restore the order at the bar, ( also, in a more minor sense, to compel Valdar to rise, Phoenix-like from the ashes of its former incarnation).

This magic formed the Quern stone of the new Peoples Republic of Valdar (Ltd.)

The Great Valdarian Republic sent forth a BIG army and conquered the far off land of MUD2...that once great realm fell to the pressure of that vast attack and is now an annexe in the southern reaches of Valdar.

Wimpy,(Catering and Construction Ltd) "We build the best burgers west of the EEC cheese mountain." were hired to turn the once quite little hamlet of Grudul into a sprawling metropolis of identikit slums, gin-joints, brothels, jails, dungeons and the odd Castle or three...

The N.U.M., The National Union Of Mud-Monsters were not pleased, and called for all out industrial action...but a compromise was reached in that they could have multiple attacks for each pleb or person.

The T.G.W.U., The Great Wizards Union decided that more magic was called for in the struggle to defeat the agents of Chaos and more great magic was created. The Wizards were getting tired of their dungeons being raped and pillaged so in turn increased there defences...

In Grudul it was decided that they would operate on a one man, one vote system. The Town Principal was the man with THE vote.

The Town Principal decreed that all trolls should work harder for less pay and kill more adventurers but the A.U.T. The Amalgamated Union Of Trolls told him to go boil his ##### in oil. Eventually it was agreed that all trials would be cancelled and that all prisoners would be credited with an execution, and set free for two weeks, all expenses not paid, holiday.

Mr B. Haversackins (Hobbit), leader by combat and general skulduggery of The Guild of Thieves, Rogues and other disreputable persons, decided that the Pleasure Palace required redecorating after a rather good bash and sent forth his minions to "acquire" the necessary items to complete this refurbishment.

On a dull Thursday afternoon near the feast of St. Al Co-Hol, a mysterious gentleman of unknown origin or alignment appeared in the city centre and promptly produced "Ye Olde Magik Shoppe" from his coat pocket. He made a small mint, and was promptly executed for forgery leaving, his magical shop on auto-pilot to continue business as usual.

Today, the Principal decreed that martial law would be imposed on the city of Grudul, no-one will be allowed to enter of leave the city. Anyone found contravening these orders will be executed by order.

More History...
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