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General Information:
The Bards are a highly creative and very unique group of Nanvaent citizens. Skilled in the performing arts, we sing, dance, chant, and tumble our way to success. However, we are also skilled swashbucklers and don't hesitate to prove our worth with the sharp end of a foil or rapier!

Some bards enjoy the performance aspects of our life and strive to raise their performance.songs and performance.dances. Others prefer our unique style of fighting and advance fighting and performance.acrobatics. Still others embrace all of our skills, striving to become well-rounded entertainers and swashbucklers.

All bards have the ability to compose various songs using their own lyrics, thereby adding a personal touch to their performances. Low-level bards can enjoy skills such as song of entertainment which not only provides experience, but also pays out tips when it is appreciated by rich audiences! Low-level bards also have useful dances such as dance of death which allows them to clean up the corpses of their kills while earning them more experience and sometimes prompting a visit from a mysterious "dancing shadow."

As bards progress through levels of achievement, they can look forward to greater skills including, but not limited to, dances to create light or darkness, dances and chants that produce magical weapons, songs to induce non-player characters to share their material wealth, and acrobatic skills to keep them on their feet during a fight.

The bards guild is a small, but steadily growing group dedicated to entertaining the community of Nanvaent. Although we have our differences, you will find that our small and sensitive guild fosters a feeling of community and devotion to the Arts. Become a bard and see all that the creativity in you has to offer!

Skills you would do well to advance include:
  • for performance:
    • performance.songs
    • performance.dances
  • for fighting:
    • fighting
    • performance.acrobatics
Races available to a Bard:

Assess Fence
Bind Perform
Chants Practice
Compose Songs
Dances Stab
Escape Tumble
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