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General Information:
'Cleric' is something of a misleading term as it suggests we are an umbrella organisation for priests of all religions. This is not so, as we are all servents of Aslonnadh, the God of Light and Goodness, may his light shine across the face of Nanvaent and banish the darkness forever!

Aslonnadh demands much of his followers, but the rewards are great. You must always strive to be as good and pure as possible. The further you descend into depravity, the more often your prayers to Aslonnadh will go unheeded. Stick close to the path, and you will find that God can grant you great power to smite evil wherever it may lurk!

As a lowly acolyte you can still ask Aslonnadh for help by using prayers. At first, these prayers are of limited power. For example, you can request that Aslonnadh bestow a blessing upon others who are pure of heart, so that His might defends them in battle. You can request that He sends his power through you to cure the wounds of comrades. In the interests of compassion, Aslonnadh will heal anyone that you desire, even the wicked. As a reward for the selfless use of such prayers on others, you will slowly rise through the ranks of the church.

In order to assist you in smiting heathens you will be granted a moderate amount of combat prowess. But beware, for without your prayers you are no match for a fighter. However, you can choose to destroy your enemies with faith staffs or blunt weapons. A faith staff allows you to translate the power of Aslonnadh into elemental forces of fire or ice to wound your enemies. Alternatively, you may choose to enter combat with a mace or better still a morning star. Such weapons can be blessed by experienced clerics. All of these holy weapons can be mighty indeed, even in the hands of a novice!

You will gain the power of asking greater and greater things of Aslonnadh as you gain status within our ranks. Many of these powers are ways of healing more damage, disease, or even the power to restore the dead to life. You will gain the power to make your skin tough like the bark of an old tree, the ability to form blades of flame from your hands, and even the power to hold your enemies in place as you strike at them. You could learn the prayer that asks Aslonnadh to extend the life of another being. Use it carefully, as it can permanently drain your own life energy in doing so!

Join the ranks of the clerics of Aslonnadh, root out evil and corruption wherever you may find it, banish the darkness of cursed Nthydarak from all the corners of the world, rise to enormous power, and yet be satisified that you have achieved only good and righteousness in doing so.

Skills you would do well to advance include:
  • faith.prayers.offensive
  • faith.prayers.defensive
  • faith.prayers.healing
  • faith.prayers.misc
  • faith.symbols
Races available to a Cleric:

Bury Prayers
Lookup Recite
Meditate Release
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