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* Wolfpack

Click here to read the Wolfpack noticeboard.

General information:
Wolves who are not yet reached level 31 may join the pack, providing they prove their worth to the rest of the pack. You will have to find the main guild room in Thorny Wood before being being treated as the black sheep in the family. The journey there will be tough alone so help may be required.

The pack are a bunch of blood-thirsty wolves whose main strengths lie in their collective ability to hunt and ambush victims in packs before savaging their victims to death with their razor sharp claws. When you join the pack you will learn how to sneak and hide, and as you mature you will also learn how to ambush your victim, dodge attacks and eventually dive at your victims' throats with the intention to throttle them to death.

Being wolf shaped means that you will find "standard" armour difficult to wear. Fortunately there are shops dedicated to serving wolves and they should have everything you need.

You may think that having no hands will make it hard to be able to compete with the sword wielding humans. A few hard bites and a swipe or two with your fearsome claws will soon have you believing otherwise.

If you are looking for a guild which involves pack hunting and team playing then the pack is for you.

Skills you would do well to advance include:
  • fighting.combat.unarmed
  • fighting.combat.special
  • other.covert.hiding
  • other.covert.stealth
Races available to a Wolf:

Ambush Rip
Attack Savage
Bash Summon
Concentrate Tear
Dodge Throttle
Mercy Wolfname
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