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* Electing a guildmaster

Ever since Monica and Bill got it together the word democracy has held a special meaning for me. Although Nanvaent isn't a democracy you do have a say in how things are run through your guildmaster.

What role does a guildmaster have?
One of the most important things that a guildmaster is responsible for is helping new members of the guild "figure it out". Think back to when you first joined. Were you helped by anybody? Did people give you hints and tips? This responsibility is shared by all members of the guild, with the guildmaster being the primary contact when they are available.

The guildmaster also filters requests for changes to the creators. Rather than have every member of a guild bombard us with request, we would prefer that all requests for changes go to the guildmaster, who can filter them and send them to us in a batch.

Prerequisites of a guildmaster
Being around to help your guild members is very important. If you are not able to play several hours a week then you probably aren't the best person to become a guildmaster.

You should also be the helpful type, since you are going to get lots of questions from your guild members. If you want to play the game and are too busy to help others you may want to reconsider.

You have to have advanced sufficently in your guild that you have access to every command that is available to the guild. Generally, guildmasters are addicts who have a good understanding of the game.

Advantages to being a guildmaster
Being a guildmaster does have its minor advantages. One is the "gm" channel which allows guildmasters to talk to each other without other players being able to hear.

You will be given the chain of guildmastery which marks your status amongst your peers. This has a couple of useful commands on it, such as being able to give you information on your guild members, and also tell you which of your peers is on.

Oh, and we immortals will pay you much more attention :)

How do we start an election?
Go to your guild room and take a look at the ballot box there.

The election goes in 3 stages: To start, "request election" at your guild ballot box. When enough people have done this the election will move into the next stage, this number being different for each guild. You can "examine ballot box" to see who has requested an election. Ask another established member of your guild to "nominate" you. You have to be logged on at the time and you have to "accept" the nomination. The nominations stage usually lasts one week. There has to be a minimum of 2 candidates before the election can continue, and the existing guildmaster will automatically be chosen if nobody nominates them. Cast your votes! Canvass people! Make an exit poll! Use "vote for " to make your vote count! This stage also usually lasts one week. If not enough votes are cast then the election is void, and another one will have to be requested after the 15 week delay. When the election completes a message will be put on the guild channel telling all the logged on guild members.

Easy isn't it? Be warned that you cannot use your other characters to vote for yourself as this is directly against the rules on the cheating page.
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