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* Thief commands: creep

A command that combines a sneak followed by a hide, so that you can enter a room without being noticed. The success of this manoeuvre depends on your skills and the light in the room which you enter. This is a tricky skill to master completely and cannot be carried out with followers or while carrying a light source. Creeping into a room will allow you to use various covert attacks in relative safety!

Usage: creep <direction>
> creep west	   
> You sneak west stealthily.
> You hide in the shadows.
Skills used: other.covert.stealth
Minimum level: 0
Cost: 50 guild points
See also: hide, sneak

Backstab Loot
Creep Mug
Fence Slice
Garotte Sneak
Gaze Spoils
Hamstring Steal
Hide Victims
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