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* Forester commands: build

The build command allows foresters to build hidden traps that may injure or disable your enemies. It uses the outdoor skills other.climbing and other.swimming, and raising your level in these skills will help you to build bigger and better traps. Traps can be found by searching, and disarmed to make them safe. Typing 'build' alone will give you a list of the traps you can make.

A list of traps is below (levels are in climbing+swimming).

Trap name Level Components
mouse trap 0 mouse trap
rabbit snare 40 rabbit snare
trip rope 80 rope
deep pit 120 spade
trap 160 rope
net trap 200 net

The chance of escaping from a trap depends on dexterity, except for nets which require strength to break through. Occasionally you may fumble the building and set your own traps off, so beware!

Usage: build <trap>
> build deep pit
> build mouse trap
Skills used: climbing
Minimum level: variable

Abandon Practice
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Bundle Prayers
Call Recite
Chop Release
Creep Rest
Fire Sanctify
Forge Sneak
Gather Thump
Gaze Torch
Hide Wood
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