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* Knight commands: charge

Since the darkest ages of historye, thine sacred order of knights have carried with them lances of wood or metal, for to runneth their foes through. Thou shouldst be no exception; hasten ye to acquire the charge skille, that thou mayst begin combat in this way.

Verily, not onlye may charge be used against a peacefulle foe. If thine nemesis be warlike, then gain distance betwixt thou and it, and charge ye from beyond his reach.

Usage: charge <victim>
> charge orc
> You prepare to charge at the orc with your 
  lance, your mount pawing at the ground in 
> You charge at the orc, your lance poised 
  for the attack!
  You drive your lance through the orc with 
  great force.
Minimum level: 90
See also: flank, joust

Arms Flourish
Assault Joust
Attack Parry
Bash Prayers
Cast Recite
Charge Spells
Concentrate Strike
Dub Temper
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