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* Knight commands: joust

E'en within the tightest and well-woven orders of Knights, trouble canst brew. Harken ye well, however, for though thou mayst not win favour with thine fellow knight, thine honour can be defended. If thou hast acted improperly, or thine fellows accuseth thou of dalliance, seize thine lance and challenge them to prove it!

Usage: flourish
> charge east at orc
> You prepare to charge at the orc with your 
  lance, your mount pawing at the ground in 
  You charge east with ferocious intent!
  You charge at the orc, lance poised for the 
  You drive your lance through the orc with 
  great force.
Minimum level: 90
See also: charge, flank

Arms Flourish
Assault Joust
Attack Parry
Bash Prayers
Cast Recite
Charge Spells
Concentrate Strike
Dub Temper
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