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* Cleric commands: prayers

Invoking "prayers" jogs your memory about how much you have meditated on prayers, as well as which prayers you are permitted to use.

Usage: prayers
> prayers
> You have not meditated on any prayers.
  You may meditate on the following guild prayers:
  minor blessing      prayer of cure light wounds
  You may meditate on another 290 gp's worth 
  of prayers.
Prayer information:
This table summarises the prayers that become available to you as you progress in your training to each of the levels shown. The number of guild points required for each meditation and recital is also listed.
Name Lvl Med. Rec. Skill Target
Minor bessing 0 5 50 misc single
Prayer of cure light wounds 0 5 100 healing single
Curse of cause light wounds 5 5 100 offensive single
Prayer of holy light 10 5 15 misc single
Incantation of evil detection 10 5 40 prayers multiple
Ritual of holy darkness 15 10 15 misc single
Barkskin charm 15 10 150 defensive caster
Prayer of flame blade 20 10 70 misc caster
Prayer of cure serious wounds 25 10 150 healing single
Curse of cause serious wounds 25 15 300 offensive single
Charm of pacification 30 15 350 prayers caster
Prayer of weapon enchantment 30 35 500 misc caster
Charm of holding 35 15 150 offensive single
Prayer of cure critical wounds 40 15 225 healing single
Curse of cause critical wounds 45 20 400 offensive single
Prayer of resurrection 50 20 200 healing single
Prayer of curing 60 20 500 healing single
Eldritch shield 65 10 350 defensive caster
Great prayer of life extension 70 65 500 healing single
Holy prayer of healing 70 35 800 healing single

Here is a rough guide to the purpose of each prayer.

Name Description
Prayer of cure light wounds Cure light wounds
Curse of cause light wounds Give light wounds
Prayer of holy light Illuminate with holy light
Incantation of evil detection Determine if something is evil
Ritual of holy darkness Decrease luminosity
Barkskin charm Toughen up your natural armour
Prayer of flame blade A blade of Holy Fire to protect you
Prayer of cure serious wounds Cure serious wounds
Curse of cause serious wounds Give serious wounds
Charm of pacification Bring some calm into the world
Prayer of weapon enchantment Improve your weapon
Charm of holding Exert your control over someone
Prayer of cure critical wounds Cure critical wounds
Curse of cause critical wounds Give some critical wounds
Prayer of resurrection Bring that dead friend new life
Prayer of curing This is a restoration prayer
Eldritch shield Protection against magical attacks
Great prayer of life extension Grant someone an extra life
Holy prayer of healing This is a mega curing spell

See also: bury, meditate, recite, release

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