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* Cleric commands: bury

On your exploration as a cleric you will often come across corpses of the recently deceased. Uninterred remains are an affront to the good name of Aslonnadh and it is your ongoing duty to ensure that these unfortunates receive a proper burial so that their souls may be released.

You are equally likely to find corpses of evil beings as of the good. These creatures have no soul to pray for and are to be buried without leaving any record of their existence. Naturally you can also bury any useless junk that you find lying on the ground.

Corpses normally decay quite quickly by natural means. You must arrive within a short time of death to perform the appropriate ceremony.

Usage: bury <object(s)>
> bury corpse of woman
> You painstakingly dig a grave for the fallen souls
  and bury a corpse of a woman.
> You say a short prayer and cover the grave marking 
  it with a small cairn.

> bury corpse of skuzzie
> You hastily dig a pit and bundle a corpse of a
  lonely skuzzie in.
> You cover the pit over, obliterating all signs it 
  ever existed.

> drop guide
> You drop a nanvaent guidebook.
> bury guide
> You dig a shallow pit. You throw a nanvaent 
  guidebook into it.
> You cover the pit over without leaving a trace.
See also: meditate, prayers, recite, release

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Meditate Release
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